Repair Myvi Aircon Gas Leak Problem – Car AC R134a Gas

How To Repair Myvi Aircon Gas Leak Issue

Before starting to repair Myvi aircon gas leak problem, the workshop mechanic will troubleshoot and search for the leaking spot. Firstly, Perodua Myvi AC system will go through pressure check process. Generally, the mechanic will use the gauge meter to check the pressure of the high side and low side. If the gas is leaking, the high side and low side pressure will be lower and fall out of the normal range. Hence, the mechanic will have to find the cause and leaking spot in order to repair the Myvi aircon gas leak problem.

Additionally, the gauge meter might show fluttering reading if the aircon has any leaking issue. Commonly, the high side section will tend to show fluttering pressure value. This is because the aircon compressor will try to do more work to balance the pressure.

After checking the car AC pressure, the car AC repair mechanic will inject dye via the low side inlet socket. Thus, the dye will flow and circulate around Perodua Myvi aircon piping and parts. Generally, the dye will help the mechanic to identified the Myvi aircon gas leakage spot. This is because the dye will flow out from the part or spot which has gas leaking problem. After confirming the Myvi aircon gas leak spot, the mechanic will start the fix and repair process.

Myvi Aircon Gas Leak Symptom

When Perodua Myvi aircon has gas leak issue, the aircon system will has the symptom as below:

  • Myvi aircon is hot when the car is idle and do not move.
  • AC will hardly cool down the air temperature when the environment temperature is high.
  • Aircon compressor will make sizzling or grinding sound due to lack of oil.
  • Perodua Myvi aircon does not have refrigerant gas and AC will malfunction

If Myvi aircon is having the symptom as above, please communicate with the car AC workshop to check the fix and repair solution.

Troubleshoot Car AC Leak Problem

Perodua Myvi AC system consist a lot of parts and every parts have the possibility to have leaking issue. However, the workshop normally will not suggest the Myvi owner to change the whole system because the cost is quite high. Furthermore, most of the Myvi owner will not agree to change to the Aircon system as a solution to repair gas leak issue. Hence, the workshop will troubleshoot the leak problem and look for the gas leaking spot. Generally, professional car aircon repair workshop will carry on troubleshoot method as below:

  • Run the car AC system and check the pressure.
  • Inject the dye into the AC system and let the dye circulate around the system.
  • Check the car aircon parts and look for the leaking spot.

Commonly, the gas leaking spot will have PAG oil and the color of the dye. This is because the AC pressure will push the PAG oil out from the system via the leaking spot. Hence, the dye and PAG oil will easily assist the mechanic to identify the leaking area.

What Is Car AC R134a Gas And PAG Oil

The AC PAG oil is a lubrication oil to make Myvi compressor to operate smoothly and protect the part from overheat. While the R134a gas is the refrigerant gas which will play the role to absorb the heat and cool down the air temperature at the cooling coil.

Commonly, most of the R134a refrigerant gas is mixing with the PAG oil. In other words, the PAG oil and R134a car refrigerant gas will flow together into the Myvi aircon system while refilling the AC gas. As a result, Myvi aircon compressor and other parts will have enough refrigerant gas and also PAG oil to operate smoothly.

Myvi AC compressor PAG oil

Why Repair Car Aircon Leaking Issue Immediately?

If Perodua Myvi aircon has leaking issue, the gas leak section require a quick repair solution. This is because the PAG oil will also flow out from the leaking area and cause the AC system running out of oil. As a result, the AC compressor will damage because of lacking PAG oil.

As a reference info, car aircon Compressor is an expensive part when compare to the other AC spare parts. While common AC gas leak issue is caused by much cheaper sealing part such as O ring. Hence, it is always good to prevent the car AC compressor to become damage when the refrigerant gas is leaking.

Perodua Myvi Aircon Gas Leak Repair Service

Please feel free to visit the car Aircon repair workshop if suspect your Myvi aircon is having gas leak problem. When Myvi is in the workshop, the workshop AC repair specialist will assist the owner to find the cause and suggest the solution. Furthermore, the workshop will prepare the quotation and estimate cost for repairing the Perodua Myvi aircon gas leak issue. So, Myvi owner will able to estimate the cost and understand the repairing solution.

Commonly, the workshop will carry on the inspection, troubleshoot and leaking spot identifying process. Then, the workshop will propose the gas leak repairing solution and also list out the estimated cost. Next, the workshop will start to repair Myvi aircon by replacing the part which cause the gas leak problem.

Estimate Cost – Repair Myvi Aircon Gas Leak Problem

As a reference info, the aircon parts which have higher possibility to have refrigerant gas leak issue are as below:

  • O ring seal
  • Condenser
  • Piping
  • Myvi aircon Compressor

For example, the O ring seal replacement service will normally cost less than RM100 which is including the inspection and labour cost. While OEM Perodua Myvi condenser is normally cost around RM180 – 280 which including the labor cost. On the other hand, Myvi compressor is the most expensive part. Hence, it is always good to maintain and service Myvi compressor regularly to extend its lifespan.

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