Repair Myvi Brake Which Is Soft Or Vibrate – Price Start From RM85

Price And Cost To Repair Myvi Brake

Nowadays, the Myvi owner is paying reasonable price and cost to repair Myvi brake. This is because the spare part for the Myvi braking system is affordable. As a reference info, the OEM brake pad supply and install cost is ranging from RM75 to RM95.

Normally, different Myvi service center and workshop will has different labor fee. Furthermore, different car workshop will provide different brake pad options. As a result, different workshop may charge different price to solve and repair Myvi brake issue. However, honest and reliable car workshop in KL Selangor should not overcharge the brake repairing service.

Generally, the Myvi brake repair cost is not high. Hence, most of the car owner will feel less burden to pay the cost to repair the brake. Thus, Myvi is a popular low maintenance daily drive car in Malaysia.  

Myvi Brake With Soft Response

If the Myvi brake pedal response is soft, the Myvi braking system is not in good condition. This is because the Myvi braking system is having slow response. Thus, it is danger to drive the Myvi which has soft brake pedal response.

Normally, the soft brake pedal response is symptom of thin brake pad. Furthermore, the brake hydraulic pipe which trap too much air will cause soft brake pedal response as well. Besides, the brake pump failure and malfunction ABS will cause abnormal brake pedal response as well. Thus, the Myvi owner will send the Myvi to the car workshop to diagnose the problem. Hence, the Myvi mechanic can repair the brake system.

Myvi Handling Vibrate Or Bias To A Side When Braking

When the Myvi handling is vibrating or bias to a side, the Myvi braking hydralic pipes may have too much air. On the other hand, malfunction ABS will cause the brake pedal to vibrate. Furthermore, the Myvi brake pump failure will also cause the Myvi steering to bias to a side suddenly. Thus, the Myvi driver should not drive the Myvi if the braking system is not functioning well. 

Onsite Brake Repairing Service

Nowadays, some car workshop is providing the solution to repair Myvi brake onsite. This is because the onsite brake repairing services will help Myvi owner to save the time. Furthermore, the onsite repair service is an ideal solution to avoid the Myvi owner to drive the Myvi with bad braking system. Furthermore, the price of onsite brake repairing service is very affordable. Thus, a lot of Myvi owners are preferring the onsite Myvi brake repairing service.

Symptom of Myvi Brake Failure

If the Myvi brake system is not in good condition or malfunction, Myvi will start to has the symptom as below:

  • Loud Noise When Braking
  • Soft Brake Pedal Response
  • Steering Bias To A Side When Braking

Reference List About Myvi Brake Repair Cost

  • Perodua Brake Pad: RM75-90
  • OEM Brake Pad: RM65-100
  • Brake Pump(OEM): RM160-200

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