Professional Car Inspection Workshop – Used Car Onsite Inspection Price – From RM200

About Professional Car Inspection Workshop

The professional car workshop is providing good, practical and professional used car onsite inspection services. As a result, the used car buyer can survey and hire professional car inspection workshop to check their favorite car.

Generally, professional car inspection workshop will try to assist the car buyer to inspect the second hand car onsite. Next, the specialist from the workshop will inform the buyer about the car inspection result.

Commonly, buyer hire professional car inspection specialist to do the second-hand car inspection because wish to know the car condition. Generally, it is not easy to know the actual car condition by viewing the car exterior and interior appearance. This is because certain car problem is hidden and not easy to detect. Furthermore, most of the seller will clean the car exterior and interior surface before put the car on sale. Hence, many buyers will request the professional car inspection workshop to help them to check the car onsite.

Used Car Onsite Inspection Price

The used car onsite inspection price is starting from RM200. As a reference, professional car inspection workshop will cover most of the onsite service charge and fee. However, the workshop will add on certain amount of transportation or traveling fee if the location is over the coverage. Generally, professional car inspection service provider should inform the client if there is any additional charge. So, the client will feel more comfortable to trust the inspection specialist who is honest and calibre.

On the other hand, the buyer can always contact the workshop in order to know the price and cost. Literally, effective communication in between the buyer and service provider will prevent miss-understanding and false info interoperation.

How To Check The Second Hand Car Onsite?

Firstly, the workshop will collect the info about the used car and seller warehouse location. Next, the buyer can request the permission from seller in order to check the second hand car. After getting the permission from the seller, the buyer can make an appointment or book a time with the workshop. So, the workshop will send a professional used car inspection specialist to carry on the tasks onsite.

Generally, a professional specialist will along the tools which is required for checking the car onsite. Nevertheless, the specialist should bring a long the to-do list, note and checklist. Hence, the specialist can do the tasks step by step in order to check the used car in detail.

Inspection Tasks And Sections

When checking the second hand car, the inspection specialist will check the parts such as:

  • Engine
  • Frame and Structure ( Welding spot, dent, uneven surface)
  • Paint layer (Detect Repaint spot)
  • Braking system
  • Suspension
  • Gearbox
  • Air Conditioning System (Performance and pressure)
  • Interior Space ( Seat, Dashboard, Player, Power windows etc )
  • Retrieve ECU Error Code

The main purpose of checking parts and sections as above is to detect any defects, problem or damage. Nevertheless, the specialist is trying to check whether the car has serious structure damage due to accidently.

As a reference, the workshop and buyer will communicate and make an appointment. Generally, the buyer has to get a permission from the seller when deciding to check the car. After confirming the time and location, professional car inspection workshop will send the specialist to do the car inspection task onsite.

When doing the inspection, the specialist will prepare a checklist and to-list. This is because the specialist has to make sure the car is inspected in detail without forgetting any sections. Nevertheless, the specialist will record the inspection result on the checklist and additional note on the notebook. Besides, the specialist will take some photo or video as an supporting or additional record.

Lastly, professional car inspection workshop will prepare the report for the client when the inspection process is completed. Next, the professional workshop can share or send the report to the client via email or Whatsapp. Additionally, the client can communicate with the workshop or specialist if require more info or have any query.

How To Contact Professional Car Inspection Workshop In KL?

Firstly, the car buyer can survey the onsite second hand car inspection service packs selections. Furthermore, the car buyer will also compare the onsite car inspection price range and cost. When communicating with the workshop or service provider, the car buyer mostly can contact via :

  • Whatsapp
  • Voice call
  • Email

After completing the surveying process, the car buyer can contact the workshop which is trustful and able to provide professional second hand onsite inspection services.   

Report And Problem List

The main objective of hiring a professional to check the second hand car onsite because of the report. In other words, the car buyer need the inspection report in order to review the car value and condition.  Additionally, the report and problem list will help the car buyer to filter the used car selections. This is because the second hand market have a lot of car. Generally, different second hand car has different condition and may be have some hidden problem. So, the car buyer hope to refer the problem list in order to filter accident car and problematic car.

Make Enquiry And Revalue The Second Hand Car

Nevertheless, the inspection report will also help the car buyer to revalue their favorite used car. This is because a professional car inspection workshop will list down the problem and suspected issue. Hence, the car buyer can refer the problem list to adjust the value of the car. Additionally, the car buyer can also use the report and problem list to negotiate a better price with the seller.

Service Packs And Used Car Onsite Inspection Price List

Nidoz has prepare several used car onsite inspection service packs for the customer and also car buyer. This is because there are many car model in Malaysia which have different size and mechanical system. Furthermore, the inspection service is a onsite service which will incur travel and transportation cost. Hence, professional car inspection workshop will prepare the service packs to check the car in different location and area. Generally, used car onsite inspection price is commonly start from RM200 in KL Selangor area.

How To Book Professional Onsite Car Inspection Service?

It is easy to book an onsite car inspection service with a professional and helpful workshop such as Nidoz. Firstly, the car buyer can inform the workshop about the car model and car location. So, the workshop will share the price list and service packs for the car buyer. Next, the car buyer can get a permission from the seller. Lastly, the car buyer can contact the car inspection workshop to book an inspection service and time slot.

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