Onsite Second Hand Car Inspection Price – Inspect Used Toyota Honda Perodua Proton Hyundai Kia BMW

Average Onsite Second Hand car Inspection Price

The average onsite second hand car inspection price for checking the used car actual condition is starting from RM200. As a reference, the onsite second hand car inspection price range in KL Selangor is quite standard. Commonly, the onsite inspection cost is enough for checking most of the car model in the second hand car market.

Generally, the second hand car onsite inspection price will include the cost to do the tasks, report and onsite fee. As a reference, different location or address will incur different traveling or onsite charge. Thus, the car buyer can contact the service provider and provide some relevant info. Hence, the service provider can share the price list and service packs which is suitable for the car buyer. So, the car buyer can estimate the cost and onsite second hand car inspection price by referring the price list.

As a reference info, RM200 onsite inspection fee is good to cover the cost to check the car around Klang Valley area. Furthermore, the car buyer can contact professional car inspection specialist when hoping to know more about price and solution.

About Onsite Second Hand Car Inspection Service

The onsite second hand car inspection service is a good and high demand solution for used car buyer. As a reference, onsite service will help the car buyer to eliminate troublesome car transporting or delivery process. This is because the inspection specialist will travel to used car parking lot or warehouse to do the inspection tasks. Hence, the buyer and even the seller do not need to send the car to the workshop for inspection. Because of this, the car buyer and seller do not need to worry about the risk when delivering the car.

In shorts, onsite used car inspection service is an effective solution to simplify the car inspection process. This is because the specialist will help the car buyer to do most of the tasks and prepare the report. On the other hand, the client who is the buyer will just need to refer the report in order to understand the actual car condition.

Pakar inspect kereta second hand

Onsite Used Car Checking Process And Tasks

The inspection specialist has to carry on several technical process and do certain tasks in order to complete the inspection onsite. As a reference, the onsite second hand car inspection price is including the service to check the following parts:

  • Chassis, frame, structure and paint layer
  • Engine and transmission
  • Suspension and brake
  • Car air-conditioning system
  • Electric and electrical device ( air-con controller, light, music player, power windows )
  • Interior parts ( seat, dashboard, door handle )

Generally, the inspection officer and specialist will check the parts as above onsite while doing used car pre-purchase inspection. When inspecting the used car, the specialist will record all the info and data on the checklist and spread sheet. Additionally, the specialist will also take the photo and video when found any defects, problem and evidence.

Lastly, report preparation is the most important part. Hence, the specialist will try the best to prepare a report for the client which can be understood easily. So, the client who is the used car buyer can refer the report and do a better decision.

inspect and check the car in KL Selangor second hand car trading market

Advantage Of Doing Pre-purchase Inspection Process

The onsite pre-purchase inspection process is an effective and useful solution for filtering second hand car. Generally, Malaysia used car market has huge amount of cars and multiple selections. Furthermore, each of these cars have different condition. Nevertheless, some used car has hidden problem and accident history. Hence, the buyer needs an effective solution to inspect the car and check the car condition before finalizing the options. Thus, some car buyers will contact the inspection specialist for understanding the onsite second hand car checking price and package. This is because onsite pre-purchase inspection can assist the buyer to collect more info dan data about the car condition. After having the pre-purchase inspection report, the buyer will have more data to filter the used car selections and options.

When filtering the second hand car, most of the buyer will do what they can to filter the accident car. Thus, the buyer will hire the inspection specialist to check their favorite second hand car onsite. As a reference, used car buyer does not want to purchase accident car because worry about potential future problem. In order words, many people believe that accident car will have higher possibility to have more mechanical problem. Commonly, buyer worry the durability of the accident car will reduce. Furthermore, buyer is also worry that the accident car will has higher possibility to break down. So, the buyer will refer the onsite second hand car inspection price list and look for pre-purchase inspection solution.

Detect The Mechanical Problem Of The Pre-purchase Used Car

Besides, the buyer also hope the used car checking service can help them to detect the car mechanical problem. Generally, the seller will start up the used car for the buyer when seeing the used car in the warehouse. However, not many seller will share the info about the existing problem of the used car. Sometimes, some sellers just do not know the problem of car. On the other hand, some sellers will just let the buyer to detect the problem without sharing hint or info. As a result, the buyer will hire the specialist to help them to check the pre-purchase car and detect the problem. Hence, the buyer will have professional assisting solution to inspect the used car condition and filter the cars. Additionally, the buyer can use the problem list as the supporting data to negotiate for better final selling price.

Survey The Onsite Second hand Car Inspection Price And Packages

The main purpose of getting the onsite second hand car inspection price is for estimating the cost. When browsing the used car listing, the buyer will find a lot of used car options. Hence, the buyer has to filter the cars by visiting the used car seller outlet, garage and warehouse. However, it is not easy to know the car actual condition by viewing the car exterior and doing test drive. So, the car buyer will shortlist the car options and finalize the favorite options. Next, some buyer will look for professional car inspection specialist to check the car onsite.

While looking for inspection specialist, the buyer will survey the onsite second hand car inspection price and packages list. After surveying and reviewing the packages list, the buyer will select a packages and reputable service vendor. Next, used car buyer will hire the inspection service vendor to provide the onsite inspection solution.

Generally, the onsite second hand inspection price list is the reference info for the buyer to calculate the cost. When surveying the price list, the buyer will know the estimate cost for checking their favorite second hand car onsite.

car visual effect

How To Obtain Onsite Second hand Car Inspection Price List?

Professional car workshop and inspection specialist will prepare the used car inspection service packages and list. Commonly, most of the onsite second hand car inspection packages list will include the price range for the packages. Thus, the used car buyer can obtain the price list and estimate the cost when planning to check the used car onsite.

Generally, professional car workshop and inspection service vendor are happy to communicate via Whatsapp and voice call.  Hence, the car buyer can contact the service vendor via the following method in order to get the price list.

  • Whatsapp
  • Voice Call
  • Email

Commonly, the car workshop or inspection specialist will try the best to assist the second hand car buyer. Nevertheless, the specialist and service vendor will share the price list and also the packages list for the car buyer. Hence, the used car buyer can make better plan for carrying on the pre-purchase car inspection process.

Popular Brand In Malaysia Used Car Trading Market

In Malaysia, the following car and brand are popular in the used car market.

As a reference, Toyota and Honda are popular and reputable brand in the second hand car trading market. Generally, the car seller and also buyer like Toyota and Honda cars. Literally, people like Toyota and Honda car because they trust these car durability and reliability. Hence, used car trading market has huge amount of Toyota and Honda car availability.

On the other hand, Perodua and Proton are the most popular local car brand. Generally, it is easy to look for the second hand Perodua or Proton car at the used car market in KL Selangor. This is because Perodua has successfully enhance its brand awareness and reputability in Malaysia market. While Proton car are good alternative options in the used car trading market. This is because second hand Proton car has reasonable price and Proton car maintenance process are relatively affordable.

Onsite Check The Car Frame And Structure

Pre-purchase used car inspection service will focus on the frame, chassis and structure onsite checking process. This is because the chassis and frame are important part of the second hand car. Furthermore, chassis and frame inspection is an effective solution to detect accident car. Hence, the onsite second hand car checking price and packages will not exclude chassis inspection.

As a reference, the chassis and car frame damage will affect the car structure strength and handling. This is because the car chassis damage will commonly have structure and frame distortion problem. If there is distortion, the car frame and structure impact absorption and resistance strength will reduce. Additionally, the handling parts and wheel may have misalignment problem and cause the used car handling performance to reduce.

Commonly, accident is the main cause why the car chassis is damage and has distortion problem. As a result, car buyer will try to avoid the car which has accident history.

Moreover, the repairing process to fix the car chassis distortion and damage is complicated. Furthermore, the car chassis and frame restoration work are hardly to perfectly solve the problem. In other words, the car will have chassis damage side effect forever if the restoration process is not perfect. So, buyer will not feel confident if detect the car accident restoration spot and evidence.

Generally, onsite second hand car chassis and structure inspection price is starting from RM200. In other words, standard and general used car onsite inspection is including the car chassis and frame inspection task. Hence, the service vendor will quote the second hand car chassis onsite inspection price base on the standard package rate.

Conduct inspection to check the second hand car onsite

Review The Second Hand Car Paint Layer

Car paint layer inspection is an important task when the inspection officer start to check the used car onsite. This is because repaint layer is the strong evidence to proof the second hand car frame and structure damage history.

In other words, the second hand car which has full original paint layer is a very good used car. This is because the used car which has original paint should be an accident free car.

However, it is not easy to detect the repaint spot on the car body. So, some car buyer will plan for a pre-purchase used car inspection process before deciding to buy the car.

Literally, the car paint layer might have different color tone and reflective index if there is a repaint section. This is because different car paint layer will has minor color tone differences even the paint code is the same. Furthermore, different automotive paint spraying skill and surface preparation technique will affect the paint color and refractive index. Nevertheless, the coat thickness detection tool can detect and check the used car paint layer thickness. After collecting and reviewing the relevant data and info, the inspection officer have higher chances to check and detect the repaint spot.

Additionally, the smoothness of the repaint spot will not as good as the original paint layer. This is because the repaint layer may go through restoration process such as:

  • Welding
  • Knock, pull, compress and hammering
  • Grinding and polishing

As a result, the reflective effect and also the smoothness of the car body repaint layer will have minor defect. So, the onsite used car inspection officer will try to find those defect to detect repaint section. As a reference, most of the second hand car onsite inspection price and package will include paint layer inspection service.

how to check the used car body paint

Detect And Filter The Accident Car

Literally, used car buyer will not feel happy to purchase an accident car. This is because the car buyer does not have the confident  Hence, the car buyer will try their best to filter and detect the accident used car. Commonly, accident second hand car detection is not straight forward and not simple. If the buyer is lucky, the buyer might able to detect the accident damage spot and recovering spot.

On the other hand, most of the buyer will request the assisting service from the used car inspection specialist. This is because car inspection specialist will have more experience to detect the accident car. If the officer suspects the used car is an accident car, the officer will indicate the info in the report. Hence, the buyer will able to filter the accident car and do a decision which is more reasonable.

Inspect The Second Hand Car Engine In KL Selangor

Engine is an important mechanical part of the car. This is because the car needs the engine to make the power in order to move the car. In order words, the engine is playing the role to generate the power for the car mechanical and electrical system.

Nowadays, most of the car engine in the car in Malaysia is an internal combustion engine. Commonly, internal combustion engine is using either petrol or diesel as the fuel source. On the other hand, there are electric power car nowadays which do not have internal combustion engine. Generally, the onsite second hand car inspection price and package is focus on checking the car which has internal combustion engine.

Generally, the car engine has of the following parts which may degrade, misalign or damage from time to time:

If the parts condition as above are not good, the engine performance will reduce. Furthermore, the engine may start to have engine problem. Commonly, the engine problem which frequently to be detected are as below:

  • Abnormal vibration
  • Engine oil leakage
  • Rough engine sound
  • White or black exhaust smoke
  • Misfire
  • Dead cylinder
  • Malfunction piston
  • Low power output
  • Bad fuel consumption
Inspect the used car engine

Engine Oil Leakage Detection

As a reference, the onsite inspection officer can carry on several tasks to check the engine of the used car. When doing engine inspection, the officer will try to detect the oil leakage spot. This is because oil leakage is the engine problem which can be detect via real eye monitoring and review. If the officer detect the oil leakage, the officer will record the problem on the second hand car inspection checklist. Additionally, the office will also take the photo or video as a supporting info if the used car has oil issue.

Retrieve And Read The ECU Error Code of The Used Car

Besides oil leakage detection, the inspection officer will also retrieve the second hand car ECU data onsite. This is because some car ECU will record the engine problem and engine error code. Hence, the used car inspection officer will read the error code to detect the engine problem. As a example, some ECU will record the error code if there is misfire or dead cylinder issue.

Read the ECU error code of the used car in KL Selangor

Check The Engine Cylinder Compression

On the other hand, the used car inspection officer will check the engine cylinder compression. As a reference info, the inspection officer will use the gauge pressure meter to check and read the cylinder pressure. If certain engine cylinder compression stage do not have enough pressure, the officer may suspect the engine is not healthy. Hence, the second hand car buyer has to reconsider the car by referring the engine inspection report.

Sometimes, some used car seller will not allow engine compression check. Hence, some onsite second hand car inspection price and service pack will exclude the engine compression checking task. If the seller does not allow to do the engine compression check, the buyer can look for the other seller.

inspect the engine combustion cylinder

Power Output And Fuel Consumption

Literally, the onsite used car inspection process will not able to check the engine power output. This is because accurate engine power output check needs a dyno machine. Hence, it is not possible to check the used car engine power output onsite without the dyno machine. Thus, the onsite second hand car inspection price list will not include the dyno check services. Besides that, it is also not easy to check the fuel consumption of the used car onsite. Generally, most of the car used car ECU can calculate the fuel consumption rate. Somehow, it is not easy to get accurate fuel consumption by just test drive the car for a short distance. Thus, the inspection officer will not able to test the engine fuel consumption onsite.

However, the used car inspection specialist will start the car engine and observe the engine vibration and noise. This is because bad condition engine will has abnormal noise and vibration. Additionally, it is possible for the car inspection specialist to observe the exhaust smoke to predict the engine condition. After checking the engine, the inspection officer will write a report and list out the issue if suspect any problem.

Review The Brake And Suspension Condition

The car requires a proper and functioning braking and suspension system in order to complete the handling system. Literally, the car is drivable and is extremely danger if the brake cannot function well. Hence, the inspection specialist has to check and inspect the car braking system and response. Generally, the second hand car inspection can check the brake function and response when test drive the used car. While press on the brake pedal to stop the car, the inspection specialist will review the brake response. If the brake is soft or the handling is bias to one side, the inspection specialist will suspect the brake system condition is not good. Additionally, the inspection specialist will check the brake pad thickness of the used car. If the brake pad is too thin, the specialist will record and state in the report for the client. 

onsite check and inspect the brake of the second hand car

Check The Suspension of The Second Hand Car

Besides, it is important to check the suspension of the second hand car. This is because bad suspension system will reduce ride comfort and handling performance. Nevertheless, some suspension repair process is expensive. Thus, some used car buyer will hire inspection specialist to help them to check the suspension onsite.

Generally, the car suspension has absorber, mounting and spring coil. Commonly, the absorber will degrade after a period of time. Hence, the most common suspension problem is because the absorber is malfunction. As a reference, the inspection specialist can review the used car suspension when test drive the car. If the car is too bumpy and the bounce like a ship, the absorber condition is not that good. Additionally, the inspection specialist can inspect the wheel loose space if the seller allows to jack the car up. If there is loose space when moving the wheel, the absorber mounting and absorber itself may damage.

Furthermore, inequivalent height at the right and left side of the car may be caused by the malfunction suspension. Hence, the inspection specialist will observe the height of the car when checking the second hand car.

Inspect The Tyre And Wheel Of The Second Hand Car

Lulutech used car inspection officer will inspect and check the car tyre and wheel condition. Generally, car tyre will degrade and become thin after being used from time to time. Hence, it is not easy to find a second hand car which has very good and thick tyre. This is because most of the previous owner will not spend the money to change the car tyre when plan to sell the car. However, the buyers will still able to find their favorite used car which has thick tyre if lucky enough.

Used Car Tyre Thread Become Thin

As a reference, the tyre is made of rubber. When the car is moving on the road, the tyre is directly contact the rough surface of the road. So, the tyre and road surface will have strong resistance force to push the car forward or backward. Furthermore, the steering turn and traction will cause the tyre to have certain level of sliding motion on the road. Thus, the slide motion will hurt and wear the tyre faster.  After withstanding the resistance force, traction force and load, the tyre rubber will become thinner and thinner. As a result, the car need a new tyre after on the road for certain millage.

Tyre Rubber Hardening

Furthermore, the rubber of the car tyre will become degrade and harden. Commonly, the tyre rubber will start to hardening after few years. This is because the tyre rubber temperature will increase when the wheel is rotating on the road. As a reference, the heat and pressure will enhance the tyre rubber degrade rate. So, old tyre will become harder. When the rubber is hardening, the tyre will lose its grip and elasticity. Thus, the car need a set of new or good condition used tyre after a period of time.

Sometimes, the used car buyer is very concern about the car tyre condition. So, the buyer is willing to pay the onsite second hand car inspection price to filter the car which has bad tyre. This is because the cost of purchasing new car tyre is high.

second hand car tyre rubber condition check

The Cost To Change The Tyre For The Second Hand Car

Nowadays, many car users is still prefer to use the tyre which is supplied by the reputable manufacturer such as:

  • Continental
  • Goodyears
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Toyo
  • Falken
  • Dunlop

If referring the brand as above, the tyre price is getting higher in Malaysia tyre market due to several factors. As an example, a 17 inch car tyre is around RM350 to RM500 if prefer to use reputable brand tyre. While 18 inch car tyre can cost more than RM500 to RM600. Next, the price for a 19inch car tyre can cost more than RM750. When the used car needs a set of new 18inch tyre, the buyer has to pay about RM2200 to RM2400. Literally, this add-on amount will significantly and immediately increase used car purchase or owning cost. Hence, some car buyer will filter the second hand car which has bad tyre after referring the inspection report.

Cheaper Car Tyre Selection

Alternatively, there are cheaper car tyre options in the market. Generally, new branded tyre has relatively lower price. This is because these tyre brand do not has enough reputation track record in Malaysia. Furthermore, some supplier is reducing the tyre price to gain the car user interested and attention. So, the car user can buy these type of tyre with lower price.

However, some car user and used car buyer are not prefer to use the tyre which has new brand. This is because they are worrying about the tyre quality, feature, durability and performance. Literally, the car user do not has enough reputation track record as reference. Hence, some car user will filter these tyre selections.

As a result, the inspection specialist will do their best to inspect the tyre condition of the second hand car. Generally, the onsite second hand car inspection price of a standard service pack will include the tyre checking task. While checking the used car, the specialist will review the overview condition of the tyre. Next, the specialist will measure the tread thickness of the tyre. Gnerally, the thickness of usable tyre should not be lower than 3mm while good tyre should be more than 6mm. If the car tyre has crack defects, bump or thickness issue, the specialist will list the problem in the report. So, the buyer can understand the info about the tyre by referring the report and problem list.

Second Hand Car Wheel Inspection

Besides tyre, the onsite second hand inspection price is including the service to check wheel or being known as rim. This is because serious wheel problem will cause certain expected car problem and repair cost. Thus, the buyer is concerning about the wheel condition when selecting or filtering the used cars.

As a reference, common wheel problem is alignment problem. When the inspection officer test drive, the steering response will inflect the wheel alignment condition. If the steering is always biasing to a side, the alignment of car wheel is having problem. Generally, the cost to align the wheel is not high. However, long term misalignment problem will potentially cause the steering rack to damage. This is because the parts of the steering rack has to withstand imbalance force due to misalignment. If the buyer has to fix the steering rack problem, the car repair cost will indirectly increase the used car purchase cost. Furthermore, misalignment wheels will wear and damage the tyre faster. So, some buyers just try to filter the car which has wheel alignment problem to avoid unpredictable problem in future.

check the used car wheel alignment and rim condition

Dent And Scratch On The Wheel

Besides alignment problem, common used car wheel or rim problem are as below:

  • Scatch
  • Bent and dent

Literally, it is not easy to make sure the rim of the second hand car is scratch free. This is because the used car has been on the road for a period of time. Hence, it is hard to prevent the stone chip or driver handling error which will scratch the rim. Commonly, many buyer is find with tiny scratch which is not obvious. However, some buyer does not like the used car which has deep scratch lines or dent on the rim. This is because deep scratch line or dent are commonly caused by strong sliding force or impact. Sometimes, buyer worry such impact will also damage the steering parts, underage or the other parts such as lower arm.

Additionally, car buyer will avoid the used car which has rim problem because it is costly to replace the rim. If the previous owner has changed the rim to the aftermarket rim, sometimes it is not easy to find the replacement rim. As a result, the buyer has to replace all the rim and tyre when plan to fix the rim problem. Generally, full set of rim and car tyre replacement is cheap if all the purchase items are new. So, the buyer will plan the inspection which include the task to check the second hand car wheel condition onsite.

Check The Seat And Dashboard (Interior Cabin)

The car seat and dashboard condition inspection are important tasks when doing used car inspection. This is because most of the buyers wish their favorite used car will has good interior or cabin condition. Hence, the buyer pay the onsite second hand car inspection price to hire the specialist to check the parts such as:

  • Seat
  • Leader / Fabric condition
  • Dashboard
  • Meter and info indicating light (rpm, speed, fuel level etc)
  • Button exterior appearance and function
  • Car player
  • Control Panel
  • Safety seat belt
  • Air-conditioning blower outlet condition

Some of the replacement parts in the car interior space is not easy to find in the spare part market. This is because many spare part seller do not keep all the stock of these type of spare parts. Furthermore, some spare part does not sell in a single unit. In order words, the buyer has to purchase full set part of the specific section. As a result, the cost and difficulty level to fix the car interior space problem is high. Hence, the buyer will hire the inspection specialist to inspect the car interior and cabin space before doing the decision. Sometimes, some buyer feel worth to pay the onsite second hand car inspection price when compare to paying the cabin repair cost. Literally, the cost is including the money and the time cost to face the problem which has high troublesome level.

second hand car dashboard and electronic device inspection

Second Hand Car Turbo System Onsite Inspection

Intro About About Turbocharge System

Turbocharge system is an effective system to enhance the engine performance, power output and efficiency. Hence, many used cars in the second hand car trading market has turbocharge system. Generally, many cars manufacturer has make and supply the car which has turbocharged engine for Malaysia market. Thus, some car buyer will consider and prefer to own a turbocharged car.

Turbo System And Oil Leakage Problem

As a reference info, the turbo system can increase the fuel and air input in the engine intake system. As a result, the engine combustion system will receive more fuel and air to make more power. In short, turbo system is popular because turbo can increase the car horsepower.

However, turbo system is common section in the car engine bay which has oil leakage problem. This is because turbo turbine requires engine oil to lubricant the fast-spinning mechanism. Additionally, some turbo turbine hub is depending on the engine oil to cool down the hot temperature. Hence, the oil seal of the turbo turbine hub will degrade after a period of time due to the heat. When the seal has started to degrade, the engine oil may leak via the seal during the turbine spinning process.

Nevertheless, hot turbo turbine hub will increase the engine oil temperature significantly. When the high-pressure hot engine oil flow back to the oil pan via the drain pipe, the drain pipe may leak. This is because hot and high-pressure oil will cause the oil seal or gasket to degrade as well.

In other words, the turbo system of the used car has potential to have oil leakage problem. So, the specialist will conduct the inspection to observe and detect the oil leakage issue around the turbo system. Generally, not all the onsite second hand car inspection price or package is include turbo system inspection. This is because not all the internal combustion engine has turbocharged system. In short, the buyer who like to buy the turbocharge car can select the package which has turbo system checking task.

second hand car turbo system onsite inspection

Does The Second Hand Car Inspection Price Include Onsite Fee?

When preparing the onsite second hand car inspection price list for specific location, the price will include the onsite fee. As an example, RM200 onsite inspection price for inspecting used car in KL will cover the onsite fee in KL. On the other hand, onsite second hand car inspection price for PJ will include the onsite cost to check the car in PJ.

The workshop is happy to share the info about the onsite car inspection price for the client. Nevertheless, the inspection specialist will try the best to assist the client to know more about the onsite fee. If there is additional onsite cost to conduct the car inspection in further location, the specialist must inform the client. Generally, clear and honest communication is the factor to carry on the task without conflict. 

onsite used car inspection solution and fee

Onsite Inspect Second Hand Toyota Vios, Yaris, Corrolla, Camry

When reviewing the used car options, Toyota car always has very good second hand car value. This is because Toyota has successfully built a remarkable reputation in Malaysia market. In order words, car buyers and users in Malaysia trust the reliability and durability of Toyota car. As a result, the buyer is willing to pay higher price to purchase a used Toyota car.

As a reference, Malaysian car buyer is not blindly trust Toyota brand. This is because Toyota is a popular Japanese car manufacturer which know how to make reliable and durable car. Generally, Toyota has the technology and advance car manufacturing ability to make good engine, chassis, and parts. As a result, the durability of the Toyota car and used car is promising. Furthermore, the maintenance and car repairing cost of the Toyota car is relatively more affordable. Thus, the demand for second hand Toyota car is high enough to increase the Toyota used car resell value.

Nowadays, Vios, Altis and Camry are popular and high demand second hand Toyota car in Malaysia. Hence, TS03-2022 onsite second hand car inspection price list is listing the services for checking the Toyota sedan car. So, the buyer can refer the onsite second hand Toyota car inspection price to estimate the used car checking cost.

Toyota Vios Onsite Inspection Service

Generally, Toyota Vios is the most popular segment-B Toyota used car in Malaysia. When considering the non-local used segment B car, Toyota Vios is always a favorite option. This is because Toyota Vios has a good chassis and reliable engine. Furthermore, Toyota Vios is popular because its maintenance requirement is more simple and less costly. Hence, Vios onsite inspection is a popular service in the second hand car inspection price list and package list.

Inspect Second Hand Toyota Camry

Besides B-segment sedan car, Toyota D-segment Camry is another popular second hand car options. Generally, Camry is a good used car selection for the car buyer who has more budget and require bigger and premium car. Additionally, Camry has a good suspension and chassis which has enhance the ride comfort. So, the passengers and driver can enjoy a more premium experience in Camry. As a result, Camry is a popular D-segment second hand sedan car in Malaysia. Hence, Toyota Camry is appearing in TS03-2022 onsite second hand car inspection price list as well.

Second Hand Toyota MPV & SUV Inspection – Toyota Avanza Inova And Estima

Toyota is a reputable car manufacturer which is able to make reliable MPV and SUV. Nevertheless, the durability of the Toyota MPV and SUV are remarkable. Hence, many buyer will consider recon or second hand Toyota MPV such as Avanza, Inova and Estima.

As a reference, used Avanza is a practical SUV for Malaysia users. This is because Avanza has a reliable engine which has good fuel consumption performance. Furthermore, second hand Toyota Avanza has 7 seater setting. Thus, Avanza is good people carrier. Nevertheless, Avanza is a useful vehicle for carrying heavy items because of having semi ladder chassis. So, Avanza is still having good demand in used car market. As a result, used car inspection price list is including the onsite second hand car inspection solution for Toyota Avanza.

Second Hand Toyota Innova Inspection Service

Besides Avanza, second hand Toyota Innova is another good used 7-seater SUV options in Malaysia. Generally, Toyota Innova is a good alternative options because of having more powerful engine. In other words, Avanza is good in many aspect but lower engine power output is its downside. Hence, some buyer who has more budget will consider to purchase a used Toyota Innova. Nevertheless, buyer prefer Innova because it has bigger cabin space and more comfort ride due to its suspension setting. So, the onsite second hand car inspection price list is also having the onsite car check solution for Innova.  

Check Used Toyota MPV – Estima

On the other hand, used Toyota Estima is also appearing in the onsite second hand car inspection price list. This is because used Estima is a popular MPV selection in Malaysia. Generally, this is because Estima is durable and reliable. This is because most of the used Toyota Estima in Malaysia is having a stable 2.4 twin cam Toyota engine. Nevertheless, the ride comfort of Estima is quite promising. Furthermore, the exterior of the 3rd generation Estima is modern and nice even though its age is more than 10 years. As a result, the demand for Estima is still quite high in Malaysia even there are many used MPV options.