Onsite Myvi Aircon Service Price In KL Setapak Selangor – From150

About Onsite Car Aircon Service

The onsite Myvi aircon service price is starting from RM150 to RM280. Generally, the onsite Myvi aircon service is a good solution to take care of Myvi aircon system. So, the aircon system of Myvi will work in good condition and blow cold air.

There are not many Myvi workshop will provide onsite car aircon maintenance in KL Setapak and Selangor. This is because most mechanic prefer to carry on car aircon service in their garage and workshop. However, the onsite car aircon service is a convenience solution for car owner who has busy schedule.

Generally, different onsite car aircon service package has different price range. This is because the workshop will offer different spare parts and refilling items for aircon service. Furthermore, most of the car aircon mechanic will provide the quote base on the traveling distance. Thus, the Myvi owner will contact different car aircon workshop to review the Myvi aircon service price and packages.

Onsite Myvi Aircon Service Near KL Setapak Selangor

Nowadays, some Myvi owners will require onsite aircon service instead of sending Myvi to the workshop. This is because onsite Myvi aircon service in KL Setapak and Selangor is practical and convenience.

Generally, the onsite Myvi aircon service is a good solution for busy Myvi owner. Furthermore, onsite car air-con service is an effective option for the Myvi owner who need to work during weekdays. So, some Myvi owner will happy to let the mechanic to provide onsite car air-con maintenance service.

Literally, the car aircon mechanic can carry on the standard car air maintenance service at the location as below:

  • Office Car Park
  • Shoplot Car Park
  • Landed House Car Park
  • Commercial Car Park
  • Condominium and Apartment Car Park
  • The Car Park at The Working Office Area

Why carry on regular onsite aircon maintenance?

The onsite car air conditioner maintenance service is an effective method to recover the car air-con condition. Furthermore, the onsite car air-con maintenance service will help to take care the mechanical parts of the air-con. As a result, the car air-con will not malfunction easily and able to help to reduce the interior temperature.

Advantages of Onsite Car Aircon Maintenance

One main advantage of onsite aircon maintenance service is save time. In other words, the Myvi owner do not need to spend time to send the Myvi to the aircon workshop in either KL Setapak or Selangor. Hence, the Myvi owner can get the air-con maintenance solution without wasting too much time or taking unnecessary leave.

General Reference List About Onsite Myvi Aircon Service Price

  • Standard onsite car air-con maintenance: RM150 – 250
  • Onsite fee / Traveling fee less than 12km: RM30
  • Onsite fee for the second car at same location: RM0

** The mechanic will able to provide other Myvi aircon repairing service. Please check with the workshop for the detail of onsite fee.

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