Myvi Spark Plug Price Is From RM45 And Myvi Ignition Coil Repair Cost

General Info About Myvi Spark Plug Price

The Myvi maintenance cost is low because the Myvi spark plug price is generally low. Literally, Myvi has low maintenance cost because most of the spare parts are quite affordable. So, Myvi has a lot of users and fan which will use it as a daily drive car.

In Malaysia, there are a few spark plug manufacturers and suppliers which can supply the Myvi spark plug. Thus, the Myvi will has several spark plug options with different Myvi spark plug price. As a reference info, the Myvi engine can use either ori perodua spark plug or OEM spark plugs. Furthermore, the Myvi engine can also use aftermarket performance spark plug. Thus, the Myvi owner can select the spark plug base on the Myvi spark plug price and requirement.

The Function of Spark Plug And Ignition System

Myvi has a dual cam 4 cylinders piston engine. Hence, the Myvi engine require spark plug to complete the ignition system. In other words, the spark plug is playing the role to ignite the air fuel mixture to make internal combustion. Thus, the Myvi spark plug is an important part in the engine. This is because the internal combustion engine cannot work properly if the spark plug is not function.

After the Myvi engine suck the air via the intake, the fuel injector will inject the petrol into the engine cylinder. Then, the piston will compress the the air fuel mixture. Next, the spark plug will receive the electric supply from the ignition coil. Hence, the Myvi spark plug will make a high voltage spark to ignite the air fuel mixture. As a result, the combustion will happen internally to make the power to push the engine piston.

Why car require Spark Plug replacement or repairing services?

The Myvi workshop in KL, Setapak dan Selangor are providing spark plug replacement or repairing solution. This is because the spark plug is a parts which commonly has wear and tear issue. So, the mechanic will help the Myvi owner to either replace or repair the spark plug.

If the spark plug is malfunction or degrading, the spark plug may not work effectively. As a result, the Myvi engine cannot make enough power if the spark plug is not in good condition. Hence, Myvi require regular spark plug replacement, repairing or maintenance solution.

The symptom of Myvi Spark Plug Failure

When the spark plug of the Myvi engine is malfunction, the Myvi engine might has the symptom as below:

  • Underpower
  • Bad fuel consumption
  • Abnormal vibration or choking
  • Rough engine sound when engine is idle
  • Engine cannot start up easily

General Reference For Myvi Spark Plug Price

  • Ori Perodua Spark Plug: RM45
  • NGK Spark Plug: RM55
  • Iridium Spark Plug: RM140
  • Labor Fee: RM15-30

Please contact the workshop if wish to have onsite Myvi spark plug replacement services and know about Myvi spark plug price.

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