Myvi Compressor Price List And Myvi Aircon Repair Service In Setapak KL

About Myvi Compressor Price

The Myvi compressor price list is ranging from RM150 – RM750. Normally, the Myvi compressor price range is huge because the recon, OEM, and original compressor has different price. Hence, the Myvi owner should talk with different Myvi workshop to obtain more detail. This is because different Myvi workshop will offer different compressor with different pricing range. Thus, it is a safer to check with a few workshops before proceeding the Myvi compressor repairing work.

There are a lot of workshops in KL, Setapak and Selangor which are providing Myvi compressor repairing or replacement solution. Hence, the Myvi owner can talk with different mechanic if the Myvi air con is not in good condition. Thus, the Myvi owner will find a good workshop to repair the Myvi compressor problem. Furthermore, the Myvi owner can compare the Myvi compressor price of different workshop.

The Function of Myvi Aircon Compressor

Generally, the Myvi aircon compressor is playing the role to compress the refrigerant to impress the heat releasing efficiency. This is because high pressure will make the refrigerant to become more compact liquid with higher temperature. Thus, when the refrigerant pass through the condenser, the air will blow and transfer the heat away. So, when the refrigerant pass out the condenser, the refrigerant will become cooler and lower presser.

In shorts, the compressor is an important part in the Myvi aircon system. This is because the compressor will increase the pressure and help to release the heat faster via the condenser.

Symptom of Bad Compressor

When the Myvi aircon compressor is not in good condition, the Myvi aircon will has the symptom as below:

  • Aircon fan is blowing hot air
  • Weird noise in the engine bay
  • The compressor clutch is not working when turning on the aircon

Generally, the Myvi aircon will blow hot air all the time when the compressor is not functioning. This is because the compressor cannot compress the aircon refrigerant to increase heat release efficiency. Besides, the malfunction compressor may generate strange and loud noise in the engine bay. This is because the mechanical part of the compressor will damage and sliding each other’s.

Why replace and repair aircon compressor?

We need to replace or repair the Myvi aircon compressor because the aircon cannot working without compressor. In other words, the interior space of the Myvi will become hot if the compressor is malfunction.

Why Myvi compressor price has several differences?

One of the main reason is because Myvi has several aircon compressor options. In other words, the Myvi owner can either select recon, OEM or original compressor which has different Myvi compressor price.

Generally, recon is cheaper but the quality assurance is lower. On the other hand, OEM is a good alternative for original Myvi compressor with lower price range.

Reference List About Myvi Aircon Compressor Price

  • Recon: RM150-300
  • OEM: RM350-550
  • Original: RM750-950
Myvi compressor price list
Condenser and compressor price

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