Myvi Alternator Price And Alternator Installation Cost In Setapak KL – From RM360

Intro About Myvi Alternator Price In Setapak KL Selangor

The Myvi alternator price has several differences because Myvi has several alternator options. Hence, different Myvi alternator brand and supply chain in Setapak KL and Selangor has different price range.

Furthermore, there are a lot of Myvi workshop in Setapak Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Thus, different Myvi workshop will offer alternator repair solution with different Myvi alternator price. Besides, most Myvi workshop is preparing several alternator options for Myvi owners. As a result, the Myvi owner should visit a few workshops to obtain the info about the alternator and cost. So, the Myvi owner can avoid the workshops which offer overcharged service with high Myvi alternator price.

Differences of Myvi Alternator Price

Generally, different workshop has different labor charge and different Myvi alternator price. This is because some workshop is operating in expensive factory or shop. Additionally, some workshop is hiring the mechanic and specialist with higher price. On the other hand, some Myvi workshop is operated by the owner himself in a lower rental shop lot. As a result, the Myvi owner will find different alternator installation cost and different Myvi alternator price. Hence, it is always a good idea for the Myvi owner to visit or contact a few workshops for more information.

The Function of Myvi Alternator

The Myvi alternator is playing the important role to generate the electric power for Myvi. In other words, Myvi is not fully depend on the battery to obtain the electric power. This is because Myvi is using the alternator to generate the electric after the engine starting to operate.

As for the reference info, battery is playing the role to start the engine. Besides, the Myvi is using the battery electric when the engine is not working. On the other hand, the Myvi will start to use the alternator electric power when the engine is rotating the alternator pulley.

At the same time, the Myvi is using the alternator to recharge the battery. So, the battery of Myvi can work for a long period of time.

Myvi Alternator Options – OEM, Original, Recon

In Malaysia, Myvi has a lot of alternator maker and supplier. Thus, there are a lot of alternator options for Myvi. Generally, some Myvi owner will prefer to use original Perodua alternator. On the other hand, some workshop will offer recon Myvi alternator as an alternative option. Furthermore, there are OEM alternator such as APM alternator with lower Myvi alternator price. Generally, different alternator has different quality, performance and lifespan.

Sympton of Malfunction Myvi Alternator

When the Myvi alternator is malfunction, the Myvi operation and several parts will have abnormal response. As a reference info, the following is the symptom when the Myvi is having malfunction alternator.

Dim Lamp Light Or Flickering Light

If the alternator is malfunction or degrading, the Myvi lamp light is dimmer even the engine is running smooth. Furthermore, the light of Myvi will has flickering effect frequently. This is because the Myvi alternator is not generate enough electric power for the lamp and lighting device.

Electric Supply Voltage Is Low

The electric voltage will become lower if the alternator parts is degrading. Hence, the mechanic will use the voltmeter to check the alternator current and voltage if suspect malfunction alternator.

Frequent Dead Battery Problem

Myvi battery will dead frequently after recharged manually or being replaced with a new set. This is because malfunction alternator will hardly generate enough electric to recharged the battery. Thus, Myvi will keep on use the battery until the battery electric is running out.

Engine Misfire Problem At high RPM

The Myvi engine will keep on having misfire problem if the alternator is not in good condition. Generally, the Myvi engine will have more frequent misfire at high rpm when the alternator cannot work properly. This is because the voltage and current of the malfunction alternator is not stable and lower than normal.

Weird Noise From Engine Bay

Nevertheless, malfunction alternator will create weird noise. Hence, the driver and passenger will notice weird noise from the engine bay if alternator is degrading.

Reference List For Myvi Alternator Price And Installation Cost

  • Original Myvi Alternator From  Perodua (1.3): RM435-465
  • Original Perodua Alternator (1.5): RM460-495
  • APM Myvi Alternator: RM360-410
  • Recon Alternator: RM170-210 Belt: RM30-40

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