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Intro About The Myvi Aircon Condenser Price

Generally, the Myvi aircon condenser price is ranging from RM150 to RM250 for OEM condenser. While the original Myvi aircon condenser from denso will cost more than RM365. Hence, the Myvi owner will select the condenser base on the quality, brand and Myvi aircon condenser price. Generally, different aircon condenser such as recon, OEM and original will have efficiency and quality differences. Thus, the Myvi owner can talk to the car aircon workshop to understand the differences of the condensers.

Furthermore, different workshop and aircon mechanic will offer different labor charge. Besides, different mechanic and car aircon workshop will have different level of technical skill. Hence, the Myvi owner can reviews a few workshops before hiring the mechanic to change or repair the condenser.

Repair or Replace Myvi Aircon Condenser Which Has Oil Leak Issue

There are a lot of workshops will able to provide the aircon condenser repair or replace solution for Myvi. This is because Myvi is a common and popular car in Malaysia. Hence, most of the workshops are having the experience and knowledge to repair or change the Myvi condenser.

Generally, the Myvi condenser will have oil leak problem because of several reason. Firstly, the condenser may be heat by sharp object or stone when the Myvi is moving. Secondly, the Myvi aircon condenser may hit the bump or barrier. Thirdly, the condenser may have leakage issue when the compressor is making overlimit pressure. Hence, the condenser will have leakage spot where the oil and refrigerant will leak.

Hence, the car aircon mechanic will repair the condenser by trying to fill or patch the leakage. If the leakage or damage is serious, the mechanic will suggest to change the Myvi condenser.

The Main Function Of Aircon Condenser

The aircon condenser is an important heat release parts. Generally, the compressor will compress the refrigerant and convert the refrigerant to become high temperature liquid. Then, the liquid form refrigerant will carry huge amount of heat through the condenser. When the hot refrigerant is moving through the condenser, the air will blow the condenser to remove the heat. As a result, the refrigerant will become cold when moving out from the condenser.

The Effect of Bad Aircon Condenser

If the aircon condenser is malfunction or has bad condition, the Myvi aircon will not blow cold air. This is because the condenser cannot play the role to help the refrigerant to release heat. As a result, the heat will circulate in the Myvi aircon system. Then, the aircon blower will keep on blowing hot air.

General Reference List About Myvi Aircon Condenser Price

  • Recon Condenser: RM80-150
  • OEM Myvi Condenser: RM150-250
  • Original Myvi Condenser From Denso: RM370 and above

Different kind of condenser will have different Myvi aircon condenser price. Hence, please contact or talk to the car aircon mechanic to understand the Myvi condenser options. Thank you.

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