Myvi Absorber Installation Price In Car Workshop Near Setapak KL

About Myvi Absorber Installation Price

Nowadays, the Myvi absorber installation cost and absorber price is around RM250 to RM300. As a reference info, Myvi has several absorber selections. Hence, different absorber will has different price range. Furthermore, most of the car workshop in KL Selangor is offering Myvi absorber installation solution. Thus, Myvi owner may find out that different workshop will provide different Myvi absorber installation charge. As a result, the Myvi owner will talk to a few workshops to check the Myvi absorber installation price.

The Function of Myvi Absorber

The absorber is a mechanical part which will help to absorb the bouncing force. When the Myvi is moving on the uneven road surface, the spring will push the tyre down to the road. However, the spring will also cause bouncing effect due to compression force according to the spring law. Thus, absorber is mechanical part which will resist the spring bouncing effect. This is because the absorber is able to convert the kinetic energy of the spring to become heat energy. As a result, the Myvi will become comfortable and more controllable. In shorts, good absorber will improve the Myvi handling and comfort.

Why Replace The Myvi Absorber

Myvi owners will send their Myvi to the workshop to change the absorber. This is because the Myvi comfort will reduce when the absorber is in bad condition. Moreover, the Myvi stability and handling response will reduce if the absorber cannot function well.

On the other hand, some Myvi owners change a new set absorber to improve the Myvi handling system. Besides, the Myvi owners will change absorber to improve the exterior appearance of Myvi. This is because some absorber with hi lo setting will able to reduce the Myvi body height. Hence, Myvi will look better with new absorber and maybe new rim.

Car Absorber Selection In Car Workshop Near Setapak

There are several absorber selection and options for Myvi. Generally, Myvi will can either use original Perodua absorber or OEM absorber. On the other hand, KYB absorber is a popular absorber options for Myvi. Thus, the Myvi owners will have a absorber options when requiring Myvi absorber installation service.

Furthermore, there are several aftermarket performance absorber or suspension set for Myvi. Hence, Myvi will utilize the hi lo suspension setting when using these type of aftermarket absorber.

How To Find Car Workshop Which Provide Onsite Absorber Installation Service?

Several Myvi workshop is providing onsite Myvi absorber installation solution. Thus, the mechanic will come over to the Myvi owner location to help to install the absorber onsite. Normally, the Myvi owner can find and contact the workshop or mechanic to obtain the details and quotation.

Reference List For Myvi Absorber Installation Price In KL Selangor

  • Ori Perodua Front Absorber: RM250-290
  • Perodua Rear Absorber: RM170-210
  • KYB Front Absorber: RM280-330
  • Rear Absorber – KYB: RM210-250
  • Onsite Absorber Installation Fee(Less than 15km): RM15-30

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