Check Used Car Engine – Second Hand Car Check Service Price From RM200

Why Check The Used Car Or Second Hand Car Engine?

The car buyer wish to check the used car or second hand engine because the engine is the main mechanical part of the car. If the engine condition is not good or having bad mechanical part, the car will not function properly. Besides, the used car which has bad engine will require a lot of repairing service which cost a lot of money and time. Hence, the used car engine check service is a having the objective to reduce the risk of getting the second car which has problematic engine.

On the other hand, the used car engine check price is around RM200 for a session onsite service. Hence, some car buyer is wishing to spend this amount of money to reduce the risk of getting a negative condition car.

Inspect Used Car Engine Oil Leak

Symptom of Unhealthy Car Engine

If the car engine is not in good condition or having mechanical problem, the engine will has the symptom such as:

  • Jerking at high rev and rough at low rev
  • Abnormal vibration and noise
  • Oil leak spot on the engine structure
  • ECU is having error code

Besides, the car inspection can detect the following symptom if the a more detail inspection task can be done.

  • Low compression pressure if the engine block or piston has problem
  • Bad engine combustion and frequent missed fire issue

Advantages of Checking The Engine

The advantage of the used car engine check solution is to reduce the risk to selecting a car which has many engine problems. In other words, second hand car engine check service will help the car buyer to avoid or reduce the risk of buying a car with bad engine. Furthermore, used car engine check and inspect solution will reduce the possibility of buying a car which require a lot of engine repair service.

As a reference info, the engine repair service is costly and have a lot of uncertainty. Furthermore, the car engine repair service require a lot of time and will create a lot of trouble. Hence, the main advantage of the car engine inspection is to avoid the risk of getting the used car which has bad engine.

How To Inspect The Car Engine Condition?

Firstly, the car inspect specialist will check the engine exterior and outer structure. If the engine has oil leakage problem, the engine exterior will have oil leak spot and oil contamination. Sometimes, the used car seller will try to clean the engine by removing those dirty spot and degrease the oil leak marks. Thus, some car inspect specialist will use endoscope camera to check those narrow spot to detect the oil leak issue. On the other hand, some second hand car seller will ignore or accidently forget to clean and degrease the bottom section of the engine. Hence, the car engine inspect specialist who has the experience will check the bottom part of the engine to identify if there is any oil leak spot.

Besides, the car engine inspecting specialist will also review the vibration and noise of the engine while the engine is at low and high rev. This is because the engine which has aging mechanical such as cam, valve and manifold will have rough noise and abnormal vibration effect.

On the other hand, the engine inspecting specialist will also review the exhaust gas of the engine. If the exhaust gas is having color and thicker than normal, the engine may have combustion, block or valve problem.

On the other hand, the car engine inspecting specialist can also use the gauge meter to check the engine compression pressure. By review the engine compression pressure, the engine check specialist can predict the condition of the engine block without open the engine.

After completing all the used car engine check process, the inspecting officer will prepare a report for the car buyer. Additionally, the officer will also write the comment about the car if found any suspecting problem or positive value.

Review The Compression Pressure

Commonly, the car engine compression pressure has a normal range. Thus, the engine may have problem such as scratches on the block or malfunction piston ring if the pressure is lower than normal range. In other words, the engine compression pressure review process is an effective way to check the used car engine condition without having to dissemble the engine. Hence, some used car engine check price and package is including the service to check the engine compression pressure.

Why Avoid Buying The Second Hand Car Which has Bad Engine?

The car buyer avoids buying the second-hand car which has engine problem because of the following reason.

  • Engine repair service is costly and full of uncertainty
  • Some replacement and spare part of the engine is expensive
  • Each engine repair task is time consuming
  • Problematic engine will reduce the driver confident on the road
  • The car has higher risk to break down on the road

Hence, almost all of the used car buyer will try their best to avoid selecting a car which has serious engine problem. This is because nobody like to face the problems and incident as stated above after buying a second-hand car.

How to Check The Price For Used Car Condition And Engine Check Service?

The car buyer can check the price for used car inspecting service by contacting the workshop and car inspection specialist. As a reference info, both party can communicate via WhatsApp, call, and also email. Hence, the used car condition check specialist can communicate with the car buyer and understand the requirement. Next, the workshop will try to share the used car check price list and package selection list for the car buyer.

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